Get involved

Whether you have had previous experiences or not, Lava is the perfect opportunity to engage yourself in the chapter. As a host, you get to have great insight to what it is like to work within a big project towards a common goal: the Lava work fair.  

This year’s fair will be different in comparison to previous years, with new assignments and challenges. If you are a curious person who are eager to gain new experiences, without any expectations regarding the new type of fair – do not doubt to engage yourself in the Lava project!



Hosts are an important part for Lava to be doable. You who apply for the roll as a host will help with all the necessary preparation for the fair. You also need to be a problem solver and have a great interest in the project. By participating as a Host, you will have the opportunity of getting to know other students from our chapter as well as getting a more personal contact with the companies involved in the project.

Application for host is closed



As Team Leader, you will coordinate a group of Hosts responsible for one area within the project. You will also be the connecting link between the Hosts and the Project Team. By engaging you self in the project as a Team Leader you will be given a greater challenge, have more responsibility and have a more personal relationship with the Project Team. It is an opportunity for you to get a deeper knowledge of the project as well as creating more a personal contact with the participating companies.

Application for Team Leader is closed

You are needed!