As a host, you are an important puzzle piece that is crucial for Lava to function. We expect you to help with preparations before the fair and to be a communicative problem solver with great loyalty to the project. By getting involved as a host in Lava, you get the opportunity to get to know lots of new people in the chapter, as well as gaining new contacts within your future industry.  

It is important to know that there are no interviews for the application for hosts. The selection is based solely on the application and we recommend that you spend some time on it. After the application, you will receive an email to the mail address you have assigned. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder and/or contact Head of Human Resources Elin Rambäck at  

Application for host is closed

Company Host

The role of company host is the one that is expected to change the most with this year’s work fair. The company host could be expected to work as the communicator between the company and Lava, before and during the fair. Other than the communicative aspect of the role, the company host will help out with instructing during the fair. We seek someone who is flexible, communicative and without expectations for the specific role!

Contact Host

The contact host is the role that includes most variety during Lava. The tasks vary from hosting the company check-in and reception, to being responsible for and assisting with debates and contact meetings. The contact host meets a lot of people and are also responsible for people respecting relevant restrictions, all while keeping a smile on your face. This role is appropriate for someone who handles stress well, is social and driven.

Event Host

As event host, you will work closely with the rest of the event group and work with the preparations for the big Lava banquet, which involves seating, drink tickets and decorations. If you are a creative person that likes working in a close group, the role of event host is perfect for you!

Lounge Host

The lounge host is responsible for a functioning lounge, which includes fixing coffee, snacks and keeping the place clean. The lounge is crucial for an enjoyable atmosphere and a place where the Lava community can spend time in accordance with current restrictions. The lounge host is someone who is service minded and likes to create atmosphere. 

Logistics Host

The role of the logistics host requires both flexibility and structure. The role will include handling deliveries, transport and security in Nymble. The logistics group works closely in order for Lava to work as it is supposed to and are crucial for the fair to function. The logistics host is perfect for you if you are well-organised, handle stress well and likes to solve problems!

Media Host

The media host is expected to document the fairs different sides; it can be activities during the day, sponsored products or casual settings. We also expect to see the different stages of the fair, from morning to night-time, as well as other events that are in connection to the fair. If you are interested in photo and film in different forms and have a creative side, the media host is for you!